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8th May 2015 0 Comments


Supper Club at the Salt House

Providing outstanding service in MPCo is something we’re all passionate about, and for me it is one of the many (many!) things that set us apart from the rest.

From my side, it all comes back to the age old line that I was taught when I first started working in this amazing industry – ‘customers are guests and friends’.

Sounds obvious, but these are the guys who pay our wages.

Below are 10 simple (& in some cases obvious!) sentences that I connect with when I’m hosting people in my home. If I do the below for friends in my home, I should do the same for guests who are paying my wages in our business. The list is not exhaustive – but it resonates in my mind on the simple detail we can all effect and give our guests the base to the great time they should expect every time.

– Before your guests arrive you would check the music & lighting. You would also check your toilet and home are clean.

– When a guest walks in your home you would acknowledge them straight away even if you were doing something else.

– The guest always comes first – you have welcomed them into your home.

– You wouldn’t serve a drink to a friend in a warm or dirty glass.

– You wouldn’t serve food to friends with dirty plates, cutlery or condiments.

– You would always keep the surface clean and dry as you wouldn’t want your guest/friend to get there clothing dirty or wet.

– If you were busy you would move up a couple of gears to make sure everyone had a drink, food and was having an enjoyable time.

– You would never bring problems to your party as your guests are there for a good time. You should always be the perfect host even if you’re under the weather or things are getting on top of you.

– If one of you guests was doing something that was making other guests uncomfortable you would do something about it, and not turn a blind eye.

– You would always bid your guests goodbye and thank them for coming


Henry Fairbanks –  Operations Manager

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